Research Team

National Cancer Institute
Division of Cancer Epidemiology & Genetics

NCI team
From left to right: Vladimir Drozdovitch, Preetha Rajaraman, Gila Neta,
Martha Linet, Dale Preston, Alice Sigurdson, Mark Little, Chu-Ling Yu,
Deukwoo Kwon, Michal Freedman, and Steve Simon.
Inserts from top to bottom: Robert Weinstock, Michele Doody, and Dunstana Melo

Radiation Epidemiology Branch

  • Principal Investigator
    Martha Linet
  • Co-Lead Investigators
    Alice Sigurdson
    Michele Doody
    Michal Freedman
    Preetha Rajaraman
  • Statisticians
    Deukwoo Kwon
    Mark Little
  • Other Investigators
    Gila Neta
    Chu-Ling Yu
  • Dosimetrists
    Steven Simon
    Vladimir Drozdovitch
  • Dosimetry Consultants
    Dale Preston, (HiroSoft International)
    Robert Weinstock, (Research Triangle International)
    Dunstana Melo, (Brazil Institute of Radiation Protection and Dosimetry

Biostatistics Branch

Laboratory of Population Genetics

University of Minnesota School of Public Health

USRT Research Team
From left to right: Allison, Bruce, Heather, Diane

USRT Research Team

American Registry of Radiologic Technologists External Web Site Policy

  • Executive Director
    Jerry Reid

Information Management Services, Silver Spring, MD

  Biomedical Computing Support Staff
  • Jeremy Miller
    Laura Bowen
    Li Cheung