University of Minnesota Research Team

The University of Minnesota has been the home of the USRT study office since the study began in 1982. The University of Minnesota study team of faculty, staff, and college students is committed to high quality research and making your experience as a participant as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.


Bruce Alexander
Principal Investigator:
Bruce H. Alexander, Ph.D. External Web Site Policy
Heather Nelson
Heather H. Nelson, Ph.D., MPH External Web Site Policy
Associate Professor

Study Manager: Diane Kampa, B.S.

Study Coordinator: Allison Iwan, B.S.

University of Minnesota Study Team:

USRT Study Staff
From left to right: Elaine, Joey, Diane, Allison, Bruce, Monica, Daisy, and Madison


University of Minnesota Interviewers:

USRT Interviewers
From left to right: Fran, Barbara, Maxine, Elaine